49+ Dirty Talk In The Bedroom
. In this way, dirty talk can be used to express to your partner what you loved and want to experience again (and again and again). (in case you i echo what another said about a lady in public and a ho' in the bedroom, although i wouldn't quite put it like that.

Couples Reveal How They Dirty Talk In Hilarious Video
Couples Reveal How They Dirty Talk In Hilarious Video from imgix.elitedaily.com

Does that declaration leave your stomach in knots? Your partner isn't waiting around listening for grammatical errors or stutters. Dirty talking is as much about the tone of voice you use as the words being said.

I'm not loud or very vocal.

Ladies if you know how to make your man happy in the bedroom, trust me you will always get what you want. The hottest thing a woman has ever said in the bedroom would be asking me to take her from behind or any instance where she asks specifically. That doesn't necessarily disqualify these words from your bedroom language. Although many guys think that talking dirty means only swearing and using very graphic phrases, they are wrong.